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Provinces and Territories

Provinces and territories work at the regional and community level with a broad array of Indigenous peoples, communities, governments and organizations.

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Building on this joint commitment, the information that follows below provides the landscape of work underway in provinces and territories in responding to the Calls for Justice and addressing the root causes of violence against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people. It recognizes the significant work, engagement and collaboration underway within each jurisdiction – between government and Indigenous partners – and acknowledges that the journey is an ongoing one, with much more to be done. It also outlines where future collaborative action may be needed and welcomed.

Finally, this information the chapter highlights the breadth of responses and acknowledges and celebrates the unique realities and perspectives of Indigenous communities and persons from coast to coast to coast. Provinces and territories look forward to reviewing the priorities and strategies outlined in the National Action Plan, as developed by the working groups, and to building on the work underway in each jurisdiction.

Photograph of snow covered mountains and trees in Alberta
Alberta – At A Glance
Photograph of a river between the mountains and tree-tops in British Columbia
British Columbia – At A Glance
Photograph of the plains in Manitoba, with a large tree and a few bushes against a blue sky with wispy clouds
Manitoba – At A Glance
Photograph of the coast in New Brunswick with a small land bridge leading out to a rock in the water
New Brunswick – At A Glance
Photograph of the coast in Newfoundland-Labrador, with a rocky shoreline and large icebergs in the water
Newfoundland and Labrador – At A Glance
Photograph of a small rocky river near flat mountains/hills in Northwest Territories
Northwest Territories – At A Glance
Photograph of the lush green coast of Nova Scotia against a blue sky
Nova Scotia – At A Glance
Photograph of a small stream between two rocky mountain faces and a cloudy sky in Nunavut
Nunavut – At A Glance
Photograph of a lake surrounded by trees in Ontario
Ontario – At A Glance
Photograph of the coastline in Prince Edward Island with a sandy incline down to the water and flat green grass.
Prince Edward Island – At A Glance
Photograph of a calm lake surrounded by hills and trees in Quebec
Quebec – At A Glance
Photograph of a partially cloudy sky over flat fields and a farm in the distance in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan – At A Glance
Photograph of a beaver dam by a wide river surrounded by trees with mountains in the distance in the Yukon
Yukon – At A Glance